Top Tips for a Safe Happy Christmas

Top Tips for a Safe Happy Christmas


Keep your dog safe by placing decorations at a height so that they are unable to reach them. You can also place a pen or indoor fencing around your Christmas Tree so that your dog is unable to reach it.


It is advisable not to leave any wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree, as your dog may have a great time destroying all of them for you. If you have wrapped edible gifts then your dog will be able to identify these and they will consume them if they have the chance. 


We understand that you want your dog to be involved during this time of year and that’s absolutely fine but just ensure that they are not overfed too many leftovers. If you would like to include an extra bit of turkey in your dog’s evening meal then that is fine, but do not allow your dog to overindulge on too many extras. If you have lots of meat leftover then why not cut the meat into small pieces and use it as training treats. This is a great way of including your dog but without them getting too much extra food. Avoid giving your dog any leftover bones as these can cause intestinal blockages. 


Whenever we think about Christmas, we instantly think about the amount of sweet treats that we can consume. We are talking about the endless amounts of chocolates, sweets, cakes and desserts that we all enjoy overindulging ourselves in. Always ensure that these items are kept out of reach of your dog as you do not want to be spending any time over Christmas in your local vet surgery. 


There are a few plants that we automatically think of when we think of Christmas, and some of these plants are toxic to dogs. 


This plant always adorns the shops at Christmas time and this is because it is one of the most common plants to be bought as a gift during this time of year. However if your dog ingests any of this plant then it can cause stomach upset and gastrointestinal problems, and although these symptoms may be mild it is still worth being aware of them. The plant can also cause skin problems if your dog comes into contact with it. If you are given one as a present then it’s advisable to keep it out of your dogs reach. 


This is another common plant that appears during this time of year but it is highly toxic to dogs. If your dog ingests mistletoe then it can cause heart problems, breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal problems, nerve damage and brain damage. Due to the high risks involved with this plant, we would obviously advise that you avoid keeping this plant in your home as we do not think that it is worth the risk. 


This plant always reminds us of Christmas, as it is used in so many types of decorations. However it is another plant that is highly toxic to dogs and if ingested can cause severe gastrointestinal problems. If you do decide to have this in your home then ensure that your dog can not access it, and that there is no risk of any berries falling into your dogs reach. 


This is considered more of a vine than a plant but it can also cause stomach irritation if it is ingested by your dog. It can also cause skin irritation if your dog comes into contact with it. 

Fire Safety

If you have a roaring log fire burning at this time of year, please ensure that you secure the area around the fire so that your dog is unable to burn himself. If you also enjoy lighting candles, then ensure that they are out of your dogs reach to prevent them from being burnt. 


If you are having visitors round, make sure that your dog has an area that they can retreat to if they would like some peace and quiet. Not all dogs enjoy the hustle and bustle at this time of year, so make sure that they have a quiet area that they can retreat to when they no longer want to be disturbed. 


Try and stick to your dog’s routine as much as you possibly can. We understand that it may be difficult, but try to ensure that your dog still receives his daily walks and is fed at the same time. Our dogs love their routine, and it will help to keep them much calmer if you try to continue with their routine as much as possible. 

Have Fun

However you choose to celebrate this festive season, eat lots, drink lots and have an amazing time!