Puppy Advanced Class

4 Week Course, 1 Hour Per Week (same day and time each week)


Our courses are bursting with content and will cover:

Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Leave It, Loose Lead Walking, Touch and Mental Games (progress from intermediate to advanced) also new exercises such as: U-Turn and Watch Me. 

Plus advice given on any issue that may still be causing concern, including:

Adolescence, Chewing, Play Biting, House Training, Jumping Up

Or any other problems you may be experiencing


Puppy Training

Do you own a puppy between the age of 8-12 months?

Have you already completed our Puppy Intermediate Course?

If so then our puppy advanced training course is ideal for you. Our course material has been carefully designed to progress the training techniques that you have previously learnt in our puppy beginner and puppy intermediate classes. The advanced classes will focus on strengthening the techniques that you have already learnt, alongside introducing some new training techniques to ensure that your puppy is being mentally challenged.


What We Can Offer You

In our experience, clients and their puppies benefit more from individual attention, and they see results much quicker when they have more time dedicated to them during the puppy training process. This is why we only allow a maximum of 5 puppies in our advanced group classes, with 2 trainers in attendance. This means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of paying group class prices, whilst receiving a 1-2-1 service.