Enrichment Course

2 Week Course, 1 Hour Per Week


Our courses are bursting with content and will cover:

Enrichment activities for a rainy day, Homemade mental games, Enrichment activities for walks & outdoors, How to build a sensory garden, Different ways to feed daily meals, Scent work (indoors and on walks), Plants that help dogs self medicate



Enrichment Course

What is Canine Enrichment? 

The definition of enrichment is to enhance or improve the quality or value of something.

This course will teach you about the importance of mental stimulation and ways that you can enrich your dogs life on a daily basis. It is important for your dog to receive physical exercise in the form of daily walks, but it is also important that you find a balance between physical exercise and mental stimulation. This will ensure that you have a well rounded happy and tired dog at the end of each day.

Providing your dog with a variety of enrichment activities is also crucial to your dog’s wellbeing. This is because it will provide your dog with something meaningful and challenging to do on a daily basis. These types of activities and games will also help to lower their stress levels and encourage them to learn more efficiently. They will also help to increase their problem solving skills and confidence, which will lead them to become much more emotionally balanced as a result.

Enrichment games are also a great way of interacting with you dog in a fun and positive way. Playing with your dog will build communication between you, and you will both have lots of fun in the process.

Why choose us?

Our Enrichment Course has been designed exclusively by us, to ensure that it covers different aspects of enrichment and mental stimulation. Our training centre has a purpose built enrichment garden which is an area that will be used during the course. An enrichment garden is an area that provides stimulation for all of the dogs senses in one area (including sight, sound, smell and touch). This garden will be incorporated into the course and we will show you ways that you can introduce aspects of this garden into your own lives.

The course will only have a maximum of 4 dogs to ensure that you all have plenty of time in each of the areas that the course will cover. There will be 2 Trainers in attendance to assist you throughout.