Why are your courses 4 weeks in duration?

In our experience, 4 weeks provides you with all the fundamental training techniques you need to succeed. Our courses are packed full of content and you will be amazed at how much progression you make in such a short period. We will show you a variety of basic training to enable you to train your dog to become more co-operative and attentive towards you, and you can be confident in knowing that your dog is safe and under control.

How many dogs do you train in each class?

In our experience, we have found that our clients benefit more from 121 individual attention and we have seen a much higher rate of success when our class numbers are kept to a minimum. We only allow a maximum of 4 puppies in our Puppy Beginner classes, and a maximum of 5 puppies in our Puppy Intermediate and Puppy Advanced classes. This enables us to provide you and your dog with the best possible training advice available, but with the benefit of group prices.

At what age can I bring my puppy along to one of your classes?

We advise for owners to bring their puppies along between the ages of 12 – 20 weeks. If your puppy is older than 20 weeks then please contact us for 1-2-1 sessions.

My puppy has not been vaccinated, is this okay?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any puppies that have not received their final vaccination. Prior to commencing the course we will require confirmation that your puppy has been fully vaccinated. This is to protect not only your puppy but also other puppies attending the course. If your puppy has not yet had their final vaccination we are able to offer 1-2-1 home visits to start the training process if you prefer.

Am I required to bring anything with me to the classes?

No, we will provide you with tasty treats and toys. However, on certain weeks you may be asked to bring additional items, but you will be advised of this beforehand by your instructor. Please note that choke chains are not permitted in our training classes, and we ask all of our clients to bring their puppy on either a fabric collar or a harness. You will also need to use a fabric lead for the training (not a flexi-lead), but do not worry if you do not have this type of lead as we will have some spares for you to use throughout the class.

What style of training do you use?

Our classes involve reward based training techniques. This means that your dog receives only positive experiences during the training process, and ultimately encourages him to repeat an action again and again. This method of training also allows you to build an unbreakable relationship with your dog from the early stages. We are members of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles (PPGBI) which means that we are against the use of physical force, pain, punishment or fear in training.

Will we be shown the hand signals for individual training cues?

Yes, your instructor has a range of hand signals to use for each individual action. However, if you prefer to use different signals to the ones that we use then that is perfectly okay. Please ensure however that your family all use the same signals, otherwise this will confuse your dog or puppy.

Do you allow children to attend the classes?

We believe that it is important to allow all the family to get involved with the training of a new puppy or dog, and in our experience we have found that some puppies and dogs respond better to children then they do to adults. Children are welcome to attend the training sessions, and feel free to bring along an additional handler in case you need assistance.

What are the benefits of puppy training classes?

There are a number of benefits when you attend puppy classes, and these are not just for your puppy, but for you also. Our classes will introduce your puppy to many different experiences, which will allow your puppy to gain confidence and overcome fears which he may encounter in his future development. As well as weekly training, you will also have exclusive access to our puppy socialisation sessions on Saturday mornings. Socialising at a young age is incredibly important because it teaches your puppy the skills he will need to appropriately greet other dogs that he will meet throughout his lifetime.

From an owners perspective these classes will give you the tools that you need to continue the training and socialising in the comfort of your own home. Alongside this you will gain knowledge and awareness into common puppy problems, and will be shown how to successfully combat these using positive methods of training. We believe that our classes offer an overall package that will provide you and your puppy with the knowledge that you need to live a harmonious life together.

Why choose us?

We are passionate about helping you have a better understanding of not only training, but also about what motivates your dog. Our course content has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and understanding to successfully continue training in your home environment. We are available for advice and support throughout the training process, and we will always be here to guide you even after the classes have finished. You will gain valuable experience alongside us, and be able to continue to utilise the skills you have learnt once the course is complete. It is due to our passion and love for what we do that allows our classes to be fun and relaxed, which will enable you to gain confidence whilst having fun with your new doggy.

In addition to this, we are also the only company in Bracknell that limits their classes to a maximum of 4 dogs with 2 trainers, and we have done this simply because we want to dedicate more time to owners during the training process so that they will fall in love with training just like we did!