Choosing the Perfect Puppy

How to Choose the Perfect Puppy

This is an exciting time for potential owners and it is so easy to become carried away when choosing a puppy, especially when you are greeted with an adorable bundle of fur that you just want to scoop up and carry home with you. However it is advisable to do some research before welcoming any breed of puppy into your home, as selecting the correct breed to suit your lifestyle will improve the chances of you raising a well-rounded adult dog.

Here are our top tips for choosing the perfect puppy:


 Research into different breeds and what they were originally bred for. Compare this with your lifestyle and see if your chosen breed is compatible.

 Once you have chosen a suitable breed, begin looking for reputable breeders in your area before arranging a suitable date to visit the litter.


On arrival briefly assess the house, does it look clean and tidy?

Are the puppies kept indoors?

(This is a good sign as it introduces the litter to living within a household)

Is the household busy?

(This will ensure that the litter is socialised to lots of different people)

Are there any other litters in the household?

(If so then this could be a sign that the breeder is not that concerned about the litters, and could also be a sign of puppy farming)


Are they asking you questions about your lifestyle?

(This shows that they are interested whose home their litter will be going to)

Do they seem interested in their litter?

Ask who the father is?

(A reputable breeder will know who it is and will often be able to show you a picture)


Is the mother present?

(Be highly concerned if the mother is not present or you are not allowed to meet her)

Look at how the puppies are interacting with one another, do they look relaxed?

Do the puppies have different items to play with (toys, cardboard boxes etc)?

Has the breeder started house training yet, if not where are the puppies relieving themselves?

Selecting a Puppy

Do any of the puppies approach you?

Is the puppy happy to be handled?

(This is a good sign of socialisation if the puppy is comfortable being handled)

Is the puppy willing to engage with you, or eager to return to their littermates?

(If the puppy is eager to return then he may not be comfortable or well socialised to people)

The more research you do beforehand, the more prepared you will be when choosing the right puppy for you and your household. Print this sheet and take it with you to breeder visits to ensure that you have all the available information before making your decision. Never feel pressured to purchase a puppy from a breeder, if the breeder does not meet your requirements then continue to look until you find one that does. Choosing the right puppy can be a lengthy process but the extra effort will be worthwhile when you welcome home your new family member, and thats when the fun really starts. Good luck!