Agility Foundation Course

Do you own a puppy or dog older than 5 months of age?

Are you interested in starting agility?

If so then our agility foundation course is perfect for you. Our course has been designed for puppies and dogs that are complete agility beginners. Over the 4 weeks we will gradually introduce your dog to the world of agility in a controlled way.

We have teamed up with an amazing qualified agility instructor who will lead you through this course. Alongside this, there will be a behaviourist on the sidelines to teach you a variety of training techniques to help keep your dog calm whilst waiting for their turn. This will enable your dog to remain focused and make fewer mistakes whilst running the course.

Due to our carefully devised course content, we will be able to introduce puppies as young as 5 months of age to agility without it being high impact on their developing bodies.

Who Is The Course Designed For?

Our agility foundation course is for owners who want to have fun with their dog in a non competitive environment. It has been designed for owners that have puppies or dogs older than 5 months of age. Due to a puppy’s development, it is not possible for them to participate in adult agility until they are at least 12 months old. This course will enable you to start agility without the risk of causing developmental issues to a young puppy.

It has been created for owners who are eager to introduce their dog to agility through a relaxed way which will enable your dog to build confidence on the equipment.

Your dog does not need to have attended or completed any previous training with us. This course will provide your dog with a variety of agility skills, confidence building and general training techniques to gradually introduce them into the world of agility.

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What We Can Offer You

We can offer you a great course content that has been designed by our amazing agility instructor. Our course will always have a qualified agility trainer working alongside a qualified behaviourist. This means that you will get support from both professionals. There are no other courses in our area designed in this way. Our class numbers will be kept to a maximum of 6 dogs to ensure that you receive plenty of assistance throughout.

Meet our Agility Instructor, Ben

When I was growing up, I was very lucky to have a dog as a family pet, and from then on dogs have always been in my life. My passion for dog agility started around 8 years ago when I was introduced to it by a colleague that I was working with at the time. I introduced my dog Roxy, who is now 10 years old, to agility and she still attends agility training once a week for fun. I also now have a 6 month old puppy, called Dylan, who is due to start his agility training soon.

As far as my career in agility is concerned, I have helped to run agility classes for the past 5 years. Last year I completed the Agility Club Instructors Course, and passed with a 1st class honours. I have also completed a Puppy Instructor’s Course run by the amazing Chirag Patel. Alongside this, I also continue to attend courses and seminars to ensure that I keep up to date with current positive training techniques.

What will my dog learn?

  • Introduction to Tunnels
  • Introduction to Jumps
  • Figure of 8
  • Balance
  • Body Awareness
  • Settle
  • Mental Games


Please Note: This course is based outside so please dress for the weather.

£60 for a 4 week Agility Foundation Course includes:

  • Dedicated, Supportive & Fully Insured Instructors
  • 1-2-1 Assistance
  • Great Course Content
  • Small Groups (max 6 dogs)
  • Secure Venue
  • Training Treats

Class numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.