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Learning never stops and we continually keep up to date with CPD to ensure you receive the most up to date information and support.

Positive Reward Training

We are modern reward based trainers that use force free techniques to help owners train their dog in a happy way.


We can offer owners piece of mind because we are fully insured with a professional pet business insurer.

Exclusively Dogs, are a modern breed of dog behaviour and dog training professionals with a passion for puppies and dogs of all breeds and ages. We have collectively spent over 16 years studying dog behaviour and dog training, and have also spent several years between us working with hundreds of rescue dogs at both Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs Home.

We can show you modern dog training and puppy training techniques without the need for physical force or punishment and you will be surprised at how easy and quickly you will see results. The reason for this is because we only use positive reward based dog training which means that your dog will repeat a trained behaviour for you again and again purely because they want to, not because they are forced to!


Puppy Training Bracknell


Just welcomed a gorgeous puppy?

Maybe you’re feeling sightly overwhelmed?

We are here for you!

Our puppy training classes will support you throughout this new journey. 

Beagle sitting in green grass


Do you want to focus on specific training areas?

Want some help with your dog or puppy?

Then look no further!

Our 1-2-1 training is tailored to help you with whatever your training needs.

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Are you struggling with an unwanted behaviour?

Do you want to find out what is causing it?

Then we can help!

Our behavioural consultation will help to diagnose your dogs problem behaviours. 

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Do you want your puppy to learn how to socialise and become a confident friendly dog?

Then our socialisation is for you. 

Available exclusively for puppies attending our group beginner class.

Why Choose Us?

We are a dog training company with a difference because we care about the relationship that you build with your dog. Our training sessions and classes will provide you with the skills and the confidence to train your dog in a kind, positive and force free way. Our relaxed training style will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to successfully continue the training in your home environment.

We understand that every dog is different which is why we tailor our training sessions and classes to help you gain the best from your new companion.

You will gain valuable experience alongside us, and be able to continue to utilise the skills you have learnt once the training is complete. With our guidance you will learn the variety of ways that your dog is communicating with you. This will enable you to assist them in making good choices in future life.

It is due to our passion and love for what we do that allows our training sessions to be a fun and relaxed environment, which will enable you to gain confidence whilst having fun with your dog.


Kattie Anne Dunning Dog Beginner Class

Katy and Rob are amazing people, very friendly and take their time to explain and making sure you understand the reason behind what they are teaching you. Freddie was a highly energetic at the start and now with his training he has calmed down a lot and is a lot more settled. The training has been the best thing I have done xx

Martin & Karen McBrearty 1-2-1 Behavioural

We initially did puppy classes with Rob and Katy and a few months later booked in some 1:1 sessions as our Australian Shepherd puppy was struggling on walks with being reactive on lead. Meeting Rob and Katy at the start of our 1:1 sessions we felt so deflated and frustrated that we weren’t able to help our gorgeous girl overcome her issues, but Rob and Katy were fantastic and gave us different techniques to try, which have been invaluable. We really can’t praise them enough for all their advice and support. They are both so knowledgable and passionate about what they do. We now feel like we understand our beautiful girl more and where she’s coming from and have the confidence to go on a walk and know exactly what to do should we face any obstacles.Thank you Rob & Katy!

Reberga Simon Puppy Classes

Katy and Rob are fantastic trainers and fun...this really made a big difference with our puppy cavapoo..thanks guys and strongly recommend them 😉

Sian Simpkins 1-2-1 Training

Cannot recommenced Exclusively Dogs highly enough, absolutely loved training with our rescue puppy. She picked things up quickly & has settled far better than we’d expected! Looking forward to booking some more advanced training in the future ❤️

Claire Whyte Puppy Classes

We’ve just finished the beginner puppy training course with our miniature dachshund and we are very pleased with the results. Rob and Kate are so knowledgeable. The advice and the training techniques are invaluable...we got results from day one! The small class sizes are ideal so you get a lot of attention and the classes are engaging, fun and the whole family is welcome to join in. Overall a fantastic, positive experience. Thank you Rob & Kate!

Joanna Hillier 1-2-1 Training

We’ve just finished our 1-2-1 puppy training with Lola our Cockapoo! Katie & Rob have been fab throughout & we’ve enjoyed going as a family so we can all learn & train Lola! Thanks guys, we highly recommend you! Jo, James & Summer x

Karen Brewster 1-2-1 Training

I called exclusively dogs in absolute despair after my dog was attacked and left blinded not knowing what the future would hold . The support and encouragement that Kate and Rob have given to buddy and our family has been out of this world and I'm not sure how we can ever repay them . They have never said " that's not right " but tried to advise us on anything that will help Buddy on his new journey and with our confidence growing buds has too and we are eternally grateful to them both and would like to think we will stay in touch. I would definitely recommend these guys as their aim is to work with each individual dog and their families as like humans all our dogs are different and have different needs . Thank you Kate & Rob from the humans but especially Buddy xx

Joanna Head Puppy Classes

I have just completed the advanced course with Katy and Rob for me and my sproodle Theo. Katy and Rob have been so informative and I’ve learnt a lot about keeping your dog busy, happy and healthy. The atmosphere is so relaxed with lots of positive feedback for pets and owners. The puppy socialisation was great when he was small in order to get him interacting well with other dogs!

Jenny Dacey 1-2-1 Behavioural

Thank you for changing our lives. Seriously never imagined seeing our dog so chilled and happy x

Jasmine Sehmi 1-2-1 Behavioural

After 8 years of losing our Prince, we decided it was time our family gets a new family member. We than came across Levi who turned out needed us more than we realised. I remember calling Katie in absolute desperation (and tears) as my little boy did not seem right even being just a year old. Without any previous training or the right care, I had no idea what I had taken on. However it all changed when we had met Katie who initially, let me just say Levi did NOT welcome her with open arms! But with hard work, patience and persistence from Katie and Rob, we never would have made it this far! They had turned a nervous, scared little boy into a man! Katie and Rob are two of the most hardworking people I have ever come across and act as such a team which really touched my heart. If anyone wanted me to recommended a dog trainer I will with no doubt make my own poster of them and hand them to everyone I know! Not only did they bring out the best in Levi, they bought out the best in my family. They become your friends, mainly because their hearts are so pure and the love they have for animals is unconditional! Thanks guys! We would love you guys around for dinner! The least we can do! Jasmine (Levi's mummy) x

Pauline Pincham Puppy Classes

Barkley has come on leaps and bounds since attending these classes and we have been given the confidence and tools to continue training him at home. These classes have been recommended to us by 3 different dog owners and now we'll be recommending them too.

Liam Panesar Puppy Classes

My puppy Pablo responded really well to their training methods and they explain it all so well. So much so that we are planning to book into their intermediate course. Ran so well by the two of them. Well done and thankyou!

Sue Coade Puppy Classes

Just finished our puppy training for Daisy my Norfolk terrier.Been a fantastic time and well worth investing in,Rob and Katy help us a lot.Daisy loved being there and thank you for her elf she loves it

Rachel Smith Puppy Classes

Great puppy training class- indoors so dont have to worry about weather, 2 trainers for 4 puppies so get that extra care & attention, very helpful and friendly trainers who went that extra mile. Highly recommend.

Katie Whitehorn 1-2-1 Training

In just over a month we have seen such a big change in our baby girl down to the excellent training she has received so far. Excited to see what else the future holds for our clever pup! Big thanks to you both 🙂

Naomi Davidson 1-2-1 Training

Rob and Katy have been so helpful every step of the way. When we first got in contact we were in such a worried state that we'd done the wrong thing and couldn't see Apollo's behaviour improving. They are so great at responding to us any day of the week. They have always ensured they are always on hand. Every week the improvements in Apollo are so impressive. They have taught us, as well as him so much in those weeks, and we have already recommended them to someone else before the first 4 week course was even complete. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We've already signed up for the next 4 weeks.

Mark James Puppy Classes & 1-2-1 Training

We have been with Rob and Katy since having our Cockapoo (Bailey) as a puppy, all the way through from beginners training to the advanced class. They are both brilliant trainers and have really helped us (me especially) with learning Bailey’s ways. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, for their calm approach to dog training, and to get really positive results from their dog.

Tracy Edbon-Poole 1-2-1 Training

Katy and Rob are the most amazing dog trainers. With an air of effortless control they have taught my puppy Roo, who's a Jack Russell / Springer Spaniel cross, ( Sprussell) to obey a variety of commands and she's now a true contender for Britain's Got Talent!! Our 8 year old Goldie was in my opinion 'untrainable', he ruled the house! Now, I'm delighted to say that we now rule it jointly, with me seizing back control on a weekly basis. They are a joy to work with, brilliant at what they do, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Nikki Brancaccio 1-2-1 Training

We are on week 7 of training of our puppy Luca and he is coming along in leaps and bounds (literally sometimes) Rob and Katy are brilliant with him, very patient, insightful and caring. They are also very knowledgeable and have an answer or possible solution to most of the questions we have for them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to train their excitable,energetic puppy.

Anneke Shearer Puppy Classes

We’ve just finished our puppy training course with our cockapoo puppy Arthur. It was invaluable! Katy and Rob take everything at a really good pace and cater for all the needs in the class really well. Their advice has been so helpful and we’ve seen lots of progress in Arthur in just 4 weeks. Lots of subjects covered in the classes alongside the activities. Highly recommend.

Debby Lucken 1-2-1 Training

Katy and Rob are very knowledgeable and great at what they do! Their love for dogs and attention to their needs is wonderful! I highly recommend them x

Claire Parry 1-2-1 Training

Today my 5 month old beagle completed his 4 week puppy training. As we were too late for group classes, Katy has been visiting us once a week for one on one classes and she's been amazing! Both Rocco and I have learned so much from Katy, and what a difference training has made to his behaviour! I would recommend Exclusively Dogs to anyone! I've already booked further training

Holly Darrah Puppy Classes

Currently enrolled in puppy training I had my first session today, really helpful positive clicker training already feel my puppy ha come on and learnt a lot really please highly recommended

Terry and Debbie Jousiffe 1-2-1 Behavioural

Just had to put 'pen to paper' to say a HUGE thank you to Rob and Katy. Our 7 year old jack Russell 'Pepper' had become a very nervous, defensive dog after having been attacked by a pack of dogs at a young age. Rob and Katy really took the time to get to know both us and Pepper before embarking on four week one to one personalised training course . It is the best thing that we could have done, the patience and commitment shown by Rob and Katy is amazing. They are friendly, professional and approachable, no question is a stupid question and they genuinely care. Pepper is already a much happier dog- we will continue training utilising the 'bag of tools' now available to us. From a personal viewpoint, Kate and Rob have helped me have a much greater understanding of Peppers behaviour, which has led to a much stronger connection between us. I cannot recommend them enough- if I could I would give 10 stars. Again HUGE thanks

Clare Tinker 1-2-1 Training

Thanks both for helping me get Polly under control! I have learnt so much and she is far more calm and manageable now! Fab techniques and Polly loved you, thank you!

Phil Jones 1-2-1 Training

Just finished our puppy training for Daisy (Jack Russell). Been a fantastic time and well worth investing in training with exclusively dogs. Both Rob and Katy put us all at ease and Daisy loved them both.

Kelly S Higgins 1-2-1 Training

Had a fantastic first training session this morning! Thanks for being so encouraging! Can't wait for next week!

Nicola Thorndale 1-2-1 Training

Katy and Rob at Exclusively Dogs offered us 1-2-1 training sessions with our 16 week old springer spaniel Max. These sessions have been invaluable not only for teaching us how to effectively train Max but also to understand some of his behaviour and habits. He has come on in leaps and bounds in the four weeks. Katy and Rob have been amazingly patient and even included our nervous 6 year old in the sessions. We have all enjoyed the sessions so much that we are booking the next course!!! We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Exclusively Dogs.

Darren Hill 1-2-1 Training

What can we say! Kate and Rob are both fantastic, very professional and personable. We contacted Exclusively Dogs because we had recently re-homed our newest member of the family from Spain and needed some guidance to some basic training with her as we were not sure of her background. Kate and Rob did wonders in helping us learn how to behave and train Pippa basic obedience and she picked it up very quickly thanks to their instruction and training. I couldn't recommend Exclusively Dogs enough, definitely contact them if you need any help with your puppy or dog training 🙂

Sky Puddy Puppy Classes

We just had our first session with Kate and Rob to help us with settling in our new puppy. We got her at the weekend and although I have taken the week off to settle her in I have felt like I'm failing at every hurdle. Kate and Rob have not only helped me and my husband with some basic building blocks to get us started with her training, they were understanding and reassuring that not only were we already doing a good job but that the way we have been feeling is pretty normal! Thank you to you both, when Willow's ready to go into the big wide world we will definitely be in touch for further training help if/when required 🙂

Nicky Smith Puppy Classes

Marley loved his training classes - definitely the best thing for our active energetic puppy & we keep on being complemented on how well behaved he is 🙂 Thanks Katy & Rob

Wennie Wong Puppy Classes

We just finished the puppy training, many thanks to Katy and Rob for their friendly, caring and insightful teaching methods. QQ is doing well

Lisa Cooper Puppy Classes

Really enjoyable 4 weeks at puppy classes, Logan (the lion) loved it. Thank you Rob & Katy for all you help and advice

Helen and Charlotte 1-2-1 Training

Hi there. This is Scooby off the lead (!!!) playing fetch the ball in a field near us. Four weeks ago we could not do this - thanks to Katy and Rob, Scooby is under control off the lead. There were even other dogs around and he stayed focused on us and came back when called (could be something to do with the cheese in our pockets!). Thanks again!

Wendy Lamb Puppy Classes

Hugo very proud of his certificate. Thank you guys, really proud of this one for all he learned at classes 🙂

Nick and Angie Moss Puppy Classes

We stumbled across exclusively dogs whilst visiting pets corner for our chocolate labrador "Mia". We picked up a leaflet that was available outside the door. After googling and doing some research we decided to give exclusively dogs a try so we emailed them and had a response on the same day. The professionalism was second to none. We booked our puppy Mia on one of there puppy courses offered. Katy and Rob were excellent in every aspect. They explained how a dogs mind works in simple terms to under stand and assisted to our own personal needs in weak points with our puppy Mia. You can see the love of animals they have. We wanted to book 1-2-1 with them, but instead of just taking our money, assessed mia and showed us some techniques to try to help her. I was so impressed it shows how honest and trustworthy they are to not just book us in and take payment from us. I highly recommend exclusively dogs and strongly advise anyone to book there puppy on there beginner course for their puppy. We also took Mia to puppy socialising prior to puppy classes, which is free on saturday mornings - a great way to get your puppy interacting with other dogs. We are so impressed that we have booked another puppy class to start in October and can't wait. Thanks Katy and Rob for your magical work has made us so much confident with our first puppy. Nick and Angie 🙂

Sian Twyman 1-2-1 Training

Rob and Katy have helped greatly with our two year old British bulldog with 1-2-1 sessions. We have already seen a great improvement in his behavior. Thank you both very much!

Lisa Thomas Puppy Classes

Thank you so much Rob and Kate. We have loved our puppy training classes and Bella has really progressed. Our Wednesday evenings won’t be the same now!

Karen Carter 1-2-1 Training

We are currently attending puppy training at Exclusively dogs with our Beagle. The training and advice is excellent, I would highly recommend them.

Carly Macklin Puppy Classes

1st puppy class, great fun, knowledgeable people, very helpful can't wait for next week

Gill Gosling Puppy Classes

Dear Kate and Rob, Harry would like to thank you for your wonderful training. Thanks to you both he has learned so much and is behaving beautifully. We have learned to do the right things too and are confident that we can continue your good work. Harry has had a long day today at the dog groomers but is rather proud of his new look! Lots of love and thanks to you both, Gill, Simon, Richard and Harry

Emma Barnard Puppy Classes

Katy and Rob made us feel at ease and were very helpful. The atmosphere was relaxed, and as first time dog owners we received all the help and support we needed. The training sessions are thorough, and at no point were we made to feel we were doing anything wrong. The puppy socialisation sessions are great fun, and an ideal way for puppies to meet and play in a safe environment. Thank you Kate and Rob.

Vinny Khan Puppy Classes

We found Katy and Rob via Facebook one day after getting our little fur ball Grace. Having just completed our puppy / human training this weekend, and it’s been an amazing experience for us all. Grace loves the puppy socialising on Saturday mornings, making friends and learning how to be a good puppy. Thank you Katy and Rob for helping us and our little one learn so much.

Sarah Norris Puppy Classes

Kate and Rob are two of the kindest people I’ve met with a real love and understanding of dogs. They helped make having my first puppy super pleasurable and offered help and advice all through his first year about anything and everything. Bentley enjoyed the beginner puppy class, intermediate puppy class and the foundation agility. Unfortunately, I lost my Bentley a few weeks ago due to an awful disease but I know Kate and Rob helped him to have a brilliant year and their support throughout his whole journey, the good and the sad times, was much appreciated. Bentley’s little sister, Maisie, is all booked up to start her Exclusively Dogs adventure next month - I wouldn’t use anyone else xx

Liz Cook Puppy Classes

Just completed our puppy training or as we like to call it ‘owner training’ 🙂 We have been each week as a family and learnt so much - massive thanks from us all. Highly recommend to everyone. Katy and Rob are brilliant.